ALBUM REVIEW: Passion Pit- Gossamer

Sparkles and polish are not really endorsements for pop music. Sensible and genuinely cute is. Chipper perhaps. But when all these elements combine in a way that both challenges and comforts loyal listeners to a particular artist; even though all pop music must obviously sparkle, the descriptor has a special weight.

Take a walk is, percussively speaking, a rock song. but its embellishment and steady build up with its lofty multi vocalist harmonics and accordian esque synths affirms what we already know and love about the band. This song and many others in gossamer belong on the dance floor. Its body fuel and most certainly a catalyst for rhythmic motion. Expect many a party to be taken over for months to come with the tracks in this album.

I’ll be alright also highlights some of the more fast paced moments to be heard. carried away is also a joy to be heard.

Slower moments blissfully grace gossamer with as much texture as the danceable parts. Some of these songs include “constant conversations” and “Hideaway”; a well executed remix of Miike Snow’s “silvia”


~ by miliefisathand on July 31, 2012.

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