ALBUM REVIEW: Passion Pit- Gossamer

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Sparkles and polish are not really endorsements for pop music. Sensible and genuinely cute is. Chipper perhaps. But when all these elements combine in a way that both challenges and comforts loyal listeners to a particular artist; even though all pop music must obviously sparkle, the descriptor has a special weight.

Take a walk is, percussively speaking, a rock song. but its embellishment and steady build up with its lofty multi vocalist harmonics and accordian esque synths affirms what we already know and love about the band. This song and many others in gossamer belong on the dance floor. Its body fuel and most certainly a catalyst for rhythmic motion. Expect many a party to be taken over for months to come with the tracks in this album.

I’ll be alright also highlights some of the more fast paced moments to be heard. carried away is also a joy to be heard.

Slower moments blissfully grace gossamer with as much texture as the danceable parts. Some of these songs include “constant conversations” and “Hideaway”; a well executed remix of Miike Snow’s “silvia”


Max Payne Review+ My Beef With “Extra Credits”

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I’m certain I’ve never strongly disagreed so strongly with a source I still hold in high regard.
Extra credits usually nails the issue spot on. I still share links to their videos; some of which address important topics such as diversity, sexuality, and occupational viability of games.
I know where to give credit where credit is due, but this time I have to call bullshit.


Pasos is a very interesting character. A believable big brother type. If I met him in real life I could easily see myself wanting to be his friend. In a party, or in a gun fight; I can’t think of a better companion to max than he. Much of the semantic gold in the game comes from him.

The shallowness of the wealthy characters max is charged with protecting also allowed for contrast. Even the most vapid of people have things they value. the desperation and affection for Marcello towards his family; even risking his life to save his sister in law was touching.

Max never feels too out of touch with reality. he is a believable and, partly because of his humor, likable. there are many one liners and hilarious jabs. its black for sure, but there are plenty of undeniable opportunities for the player to chuckle. Every thing about this game is clever
In fact, the only complaints I had about MP3 were the controls for cover. Mass effect had an excellent cover system. the placement of buttons in MP3 were a little awkward. also the fact that I couldn’t move away from my covering spot without standing up drove me bonkers. I should be able to crawl/crab walk/whatever away from my cover position as I see no reason why this is a problem for max as its physically possible for me to do in real life. Maybe its his bad knees Perhaps this was done to further portray max as a crumbling old geezer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who dismissed the concept of cover all together. It added an extra layer of suspense to combat. I just wish it was as polished as the other areas of the game.

On the subject of drugs, sex and violence in games.

Drugs sex and violence are common. Its not mature (or immature), its not good or bad: It just is. you go to any high school/college in America and you will find a lot of Kids who consume a lot of coke, they also have sex. Almost everyone I know smokes weed or at one point in their lives rolled at a rave. I don’t think its particularly shocking or that the developers are trying to “shock” you anymore than a Cheeto commercial is trying to shock you with gratuitous images of cheese. Nudity is everywhere too. In fact, I’m writing this article In the Buff. I’m so “dark” and gritty… which is to say naked.

There’s is much in the way of sin going on in the world and, by extension, this game.
The way that the developers show these elements of life is very matter of fact. The bullet cam never feels over indulgent, in all honesty given the games difficulty, a well placed shot feels all the more triumphant in slow mo. If you haven’t seen it in action the best way I can describe bullet time is to compare it to the aesthetic component of the VATS system in fallout 3

Also, the efforts max puts into sobriety later in the game is all too inspiring.
for many gamers, young and old, who actually suffer from addictions and who are exposed to gang life/crime this game hits home on a very personal level.

In that sense its a story of hope. The most important lesson the game leaves is that there is a hero in us all; no matter how unheroic our current path is.
In that regard; Max Payne could quite possibly be the most uplifting game to be released this year.

See For Yourself

Extra credits is influential and rightly so. They do a lot of good work and their perspective is always welcome, although at times worrisome. It would be a shame if people missed out on this truly remarkable narrative due to the clout they have in the gaming community.
The storyline for MP3 is it’s salient draw and is right up there with the likes of Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Metro 2033 and the first Deus Ex game.

Idiot Blogger Compares “Nice Guys” To “Sociopaths”

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I ran into another online knee-slapper today.

You can make the jump here.

The author of this blog is a fellow WordPress user. I use the word blog loosely because its more of a ragtag collection of baseless opinion. Thoughts that are rickety and hateful even by radical feminist’s standards.

Note: While editing my article I lost count of the number of times I had to change “her” or “she” to “him” and “he”. I don’t normally make gender pronoun errors so I have a deep suspicion that the author is a woman impersonating a man. I’m spiritually sensitive to such things.

In this post he spits a series of lines comparing sociopaths to the colloquially termed “nice guy”.

So are “nice guys” a bunch of sociopaths? Well, no. They may be egocentric – like the “nice guy” on Tumblr who compared his lack of dates to the Holocaust. They may lack empathy – like the “nice guy” Redditor who couldn’t feel sympathy for a female “friend” who had been raped. They may be manipulative – hoping that by being excessively “nice” and doing favors for women they will earn themselves some sex.

But they lack, among other things, the impulsiveness and routine deceitfulness that tend to characterize real sociopaths. Sociopaths can be deceptively charming, but very few people would ever describe them as nice. (Indeed, if anything, it’s pickup artists that act the most like real sociopaths; indeed, I’ve heard “game” described before, I think accurately, as an attempt to get guys to think and act more like charming, conscienceless sociopaths.)

So why do “nice guy” laments make them sound so much like sociopaths? I think their egocentricity and their almost total lack of empathy are key. “Nice guys” get crushes on a lot of girls and women, but these crushes often seem to have nothing to do with the objects of these intense feelings: the “nice guys” have whipped up a romantic and sexual drama in their own head, and simply projected it onto some convenient romantic object . The “nice guy” Redditor was once obsessed with his female “friend” – but when she was raped he did not react as a true friend would, with sympathy and sadness. He responded with a callous “she had it coming.”

Combine this lack of empathy with a sense of wounded entitlement – I DESERVE a cute girlfriend! – and you have a recipe for a pretty noxious stew.

“Nice guys” may not literally be sociopaths. But sometimes they think and act in some pretty sociopathic ways.

He back pedals on his stupidity often enough to render his article somewhat less ridiculous. But nothing can salvage this steaming pile of shit from being anything more than a vanity piece. A few paragraphs written, not with the purpose of winning any argument, but as a continuation of his attitude in regards to men and women. In short; a complete waste of kilobytes that could have been allocated for better, more thoughtful vernacular.

I am not judging his attitude or even bias(as annoying as I may find it. ) Your politics and your opinion are your own. They are…mm wonderful. What I am calling bullshit on, however, is his ignorance of the subject matter he chose to include in his article. The author may be a literary expert on feminism related topics (which I highly doubt); that’s fine, I’m not here to knock them on that. But his comparisons are childish. Even more so when you consider the girth of his fan base. If readers are willing to soak up this much ignorance in one sitting its a small wonder who our country is the way it is in regards to economy/education.

What really urks me, as per usual, are the comments made. a particularly educated fellow chose to shed some light and bring some sorely needed intelligence to the author’s flawed table……

Well, I think you are a bit off on this one.

Conflating “Nice Guys” with Sociopaths—I don’t know about that….

One of the often mentioned characteristics of sociopath’s is their “promiscuity”–usually a few lines after glib, superficially charming….

Isn’t one of the determining characteristics of “Nice Guys” their inability to get sex?

As far as Sociopathworld…. interesting site but I wouldn’t take things left by readers there super serious. There is a checklist by Dr. Robert Hare to measure sociopathy–wouldn’t just go by what someone seeking attention on the internet is saying to determine a diagnosis….

If you want to read some of the aftermath stories of those unfortunate enough to get involved with sociopath’s go to…..

Anyways, this just seems to be one more example of your twisted worldview where you try to putt one group of people you don’t like next to another group generally reviled by society….


Interestingly enough, you called sociopathy a disorder, it is considered a pathology by some but there are those who think there are evolutionary benefits and it is another mode of being….

In the book On Killing, David Grossman postulated that sociopath’s make great soldiers during wartime as they have little reluctance to kill and don’t seem to suffer from PTSD or shellshock….

I have also heard people mention that (yes, I know he is a fictional character) Dr. House may be a sociopath but his lack of empathy allows him to see clearly and also bend rules and ethics to get things done-perhaps benevolent sociopathy…..

someone then goes on to respond ignorantly as possible…

Nice Guys(tm) are closeted sociopath. Real sociopath/psychopath (like Ted Bundy) are handsome guys that have no problems attracting victims – and that’s why they are promiscuous. Nice Guys(tm) have asperger or are social retard, they cannot attract anyone. But they have the same opinion about women that sociopath/psychopath have.

…offending at least one autistic person in the process

Woah, having Aspergers does not make one a Nice Guy (TM). And please don’t use the R word.

our original man of intelligence adds another response:

Aspergers is a totally different thing than sociopathy–and while we’re at it schizophrenia is another thing entirely……

Don’t conflate things that are separate…..

How do you “know” that a “Nice Guy” is a closeted sociopath? Did you run Dr. Hare’s checklist on him?

If you have a problem with someone’s attitude towards women, then, by all means address that–don’t make a “diagnosis” you are unqualified to make……


Just an observation, someone may watch a movie like “American Psycho,” do some basic reading after about three or four hours scouring the web then go to a site and “claim to be a sociopath.”

Just like someone can go to a PUA forum and “claim to sleep with a hundred women”–just throw in a few buzzwords like kino, sarging and cold approach then go on to write some bad erotica…….

and like clockwork manboobzs infantile army of readers swoop in for their intended kill

stonerwithaboner: Do you actually have something more constructive to say than, “dude, yer wrong… and sorta shallow…”

Because if you do, given the nature of the actual conversation that went on here, I can’t see it.

our ignorant reader continues his off brand stupidity:

I didn’t say that Aspergers are sociopath, I said that most Nice Guys(TM) have Asperger and therefore are not very handsome so they cannot be sociopath like Ted Bundy, they can only fantasize online about being sociopath.

More offended individuals with aspergers

I’m going to just say that while I stood quiet while we said narcissism, and sociopathy, Asperger’s is where I have to draw the line. This is, by far, the most popular internet armchair diagnosis. It is almost certainly inaccurate. Cite a serious claim that self identified NIce Guy status correlates to Asperger’s, or drop it. You don’t need a disorder to be an entitled douchebag, and no disorder is the most parsimonious case in general.


I… think that literally every part of this is wrong:

1) Most Nice Guys don’t have Asperger’s (and the reverse is true as well.)
2) Asperger’s has nothing to do with physical attractiveness…
3) …and neither does sociopathy.
4) Nice Guys/ guys with Asperger’s don’t all fantasize about being sociopaths.

Whew. That was some high-density clueless there.


Yeah, I’ve known tons of Aspies and they aren’t like that at all. It’s an insulting comparison.

here stoner with a boner heroically steps in for the aspies

y’know years ago I learned that there was a name for someone who enjoyed putting others down who had “social difficulties,” it was called BULLY…..

I guess you will have to call it “Bully TM” to make it kewlz on teh interwebz…….

Finally the author steps in and solidifies his position as the queen of backpedaling.

Stoner, did you actually read my post? I didn’t claim that “nice guys” are sociopaths; indeed I specifically said they weren’t. I noted that some specific things about a posting by a sociopath reminded me of things I’ve seen “nice guys” say. (And by “nice guys,” I’m referring to a specific sort of guy who thinks he’s nice, but really isn’t, in part because he seems to have no empathy for the women he fixates on.) I could explain more, or you could jsut go back and read what I actually wrote.

And I’m most definitely NOT mocking people with social difficulties for having social difficulties. I’ve had social difficulties; practically everyone I know has dealt with them. Including women, of course.

I am mocking (or at least criticizing) guys with social difficulties who turn around and blame women for it all, getting angry that women actually — gasp! — get to choose who they go out with. Or feeling sort of glad an old crush got raped because she “had it coming.”

If a guy has social difficulties, and instead of turning into a misogynist creep, actually develops empathy for others with the same difficulties, that’s fantastic. It’s the awkward dudes who turn into hateful misogynist creeps I’m not so fond of.

stoner adds


I did read your post.

I also read the post at Sociopathworld where many on the thread questioned whether the post was written by an actual sociopath or someone merely seeking attention. As I mentioned above, someone could easily claim to be a sociopath just as someone could easily go to a PUA forum and claim to have 100+ sex partners-doesn’t mean that either are authentic…..

“And I’m most definitely NOT mocking people with social difficulties for having social difficulties. I’ve had social difficulties; practically everyone I know has dealt with them. Including women, of course. ”

Maybe you didn’t specifically mock someone but No More Mr. Niceguy’s comments about Aspergers seemed to do so and there has been blowback in the thread–hence the bullying comment…..

“I am mocking (or at least criticizing) guys with social difficulties who turn around and blame women for it all, getting angry that women actually — gasp! — get to choose who they go out with. Or feeling sort of glad an old crush got raped because she “had it coming.”

Thanks for the clarification. I believe that you and Amanda Marcotte need to be much more clear when you describe “Nice Gus TM” as you may be trying to portray a “Shallow Hal” character and your readers, or at least I was seeing more of a “Forty Year Old Virgin” character. The view I get is that the “Forty Year Old Virgin” character doesn’t necessarily deserve tons of pity but it is extremely unfair to treat him with scorn…..

More stupidity by a random ninny

Jack: First of all, we can and do judge people based on what they do. And you did just that in your comment.

And second, a sociopath isn’t “everyone we don’t like”, it’s everyone who utterly lacks empathy and is so completely focused on his or her own needs, that he has nothing but contempt for the very idea that you shouldn’t, you know, gratuitously hurt other people. Self-described “nice guys” who whine about the unfairness of women actually having the power to refuse to have sex with them, and about women being ungrateful bitches who won’t spread their legs in exchange for not being called names, fit that profile to a t.

A nice touch

I know how much you, manboobz, and your feminist cohorts wish men you see as low status would just “know their place and stop being so uppity”, but they don’t. So DEAL WITH IT.

After much lurking and fuming I decided to add my own two cents:

I agree with stonerwithaboner completely. His replies were pretty generous and thoughtful. Not a lot of people would share their knowledge and “constructive” criticism to strangers especially on the comments section of a blog. He most definitely threw pearls before swine.

I am a girl, not that this should matter. But I’d like to add that to compare nice guys to sociopaths in any context, even in loose analogy, is pretty disingenuous. sociopaths are smooth and slick.

I know this, my brother is dating one. She will plot and scheme. No anxiety, No remorse, and most importantly, no stress. She has slept with numerous friends of mine including my guitarist who was also a sociopath. My bandmate was also a piece of work; a sociopath as well. He would pose as a music promoter and jack thousands of dollars from local rappers/ dubstep Dj’s and bands. He also sold a metric shiton of fake drugs to highschoolers.

Hate is not a lack of empathy. Don’t get me twisted. Hate may be a salient, albeit rotten, type of human bond, but its a connection none the less. Lack of empathy is apathy. Its an essentially blank slate, marred by instinct and periodic moments of wrath and boredom.

“Nice guys” live their lives in fear and insecurity. Any “boastfulness” they have or misogyny they spout are cries of a wounded and disgustingly pathetic animal. If nice guys really didn’t care, they’d be happy in their stress and care free mind. They do care, but they are so out of touch with reality and humanity that their souls have become rotten. Someone should put them out of their misery really.
Another thing that separates sociopaths with nice guys is a lack of fear.
Please don’t compare an injured rat to a snake.

Of course your loyal readers will probably try to bash this. You and(again your readers) may back pedal and say that you can brazenly compare two or three different demographics on the basis of their toxicity. But, you can’t just look at the results. Well…I suppose you don’t have to. But if you want to be enlightened about men and women and act as an authority on such subjects, you have the responsibility to understand the underlying concepts that motivate human beings rather than add your own form of poison.

A sociopath doesn’t whine. People whine when they don’t get what they want. Its pathetic and its hopeless. A winner can’t be a loser, at least not in this universe. Please try again. as a writer and an online personality I think you should make it your mission to sound logical in your articles while still remaining passionate.

You are passionate about your blog, i can see that. But their is more to crusades than passion. Which brings me to what vibe I am feeling the most.
you sound very well intentioned but misinformed. This is perfectly fine. But when you bash, or allow other people to bash, people more educated than you who are only trying to help you and your publication; its a bad look.

Digital Music, Post Scarcity, and Post Property/Currency

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One of many graves… The deceased: physical media. sorely missed? Nah.

An intern recently disclosed to everyone and God’s children (at least the children who tune into NPR) that she has never bought a single album all her life.

You may read about it here and view some of the backlash here.

In regards to music, her acquisition limits itself to duplicated CD’s gifted by friends, or the temporal pleasure of streaming her aural entertainment via the likes of spottify and grooveshark. As you can imagine, such information was guaranteed comment-box flame bait. Regardless of whether she’s right or wrong, or if her refusal to buy music takes a piss on her credentials as a music fan (which it doesn’t by the way, more on this later); She should know better than to nip her career in the bud as she did. I suppose an intern for NPR may or may not be in the best position to rock the foundation of tradition, especially without first securing a permanent position. Then again, her controversial stance may be just the outrageous voice that radio needs these days. I for one wish her the best.

Often, the commentator’s section of many internet articles are the anus of the internet. So I did most of the grueling work for you. This has led to dysentery . See how much I care about you readers?

The remarks range from hilariously underhanded….

“I have a great system for getting free parking. I just steal quarters and dimes out of the ashtrays of nearby parked cars, and use them to pay the meter.

And when my friends and I go out to a bar, I don’t pay for drinks! I just borrow a few bucks out of the wallets and purses of people sitting near me. It’s only a few bucks, and they probably never even notice. No harm, no foul, right?

I don’t even pay for gas, I just siphon it out of my neighbors’ cars. It doesn’t taste very good, but at least it’s more convenient than having to pay!

And I know a great cafe where you don’t even have to pay for coffee, as long as you bring your own mug. They leave the carafes sitting out, just fill ‘er up! And then I use the free WiFi to torrent my favorite indie bands.”

(This does for NPR what Stephen Colbert does to America every time he airs on Comedy Central. Notice how I said “for” not “to” in regards to the former. This type of shit can only help)

….to obnoxiously audiophile…

“Just for the record (no pun intended), Ms White has stolen most of her library. Although, she hasn’t stolen a complete set! You see, her little MP3 files are like books. She stole a bunch of books with every other word missing from the text! MP3 files are not the intended final presentation of most musicians. Or they would have recorded their material somewhere around the 11kHz domain. Let her have them. They are empty half-songs. Void of the rich and detailed representation of months, and sometimes years, of writing and recording that turn into beautiful soundscapes with details and nuances she will never in her life experience. The hell with her kind… They win! They win! I’ll take my vinyl and AIFF files please…”

….to nostalgic….

“One of the downsides of paying for music is that you can’t buy all of it, and therefore you listen to less. But I feel like it is a more concentrated listening experience, hearing albums from start to finish, over and over again, the way my parents listened to albums.”

I can’t help but feel slightly annoyed by one particular comment (even more so than the audiophile remark) I can’t find it for quotation purposes but they basically compared the theft of music to waltzing out of a grocery store with bags of food without paying. To which i responded:

The world is changing. In the future my most sincerest hunch is that health care and yes, “groceries” will be free.

We are approaching the point of post scarcity. The value of something isn’t going to be measured in dollars anymore, all currency will be replaced by “appreciation”. The movie, music and print media industry IS going kaput. That much is not speculation. enthusiast shall take their place. The word professional will become faux pas; individuals defined as such will be replaced by an army of hobbyists. Consumers will be consuming without spending a dime in response to this abundance.

To comment on the present situation in regards to musical livelihood, I must bring up an artist who is dear to me; pretty lights.
He plays shows, sells merch and manages to receive acclaim and relevance that alludes people who sell their music. That’s right, he has all his music available to download for free next to a donation button. brilliant. I’m broke traveling folk but I still ended up giving the guy 50 dollars. I work out to his music, he keeps me healthy and rocks my soul so I think he deserves it.
I consider Pretty lights to be an musician who is getting with the program. Its a shame others don’t know how to do it right.

There you have it, If anything at least I made it abundantly clear that I’m just the type of narcissistic creep who, so infatuated with his own words, would copy and paste my comment (and residual opinion) from a foreign website to share with you. Hopefully, his will be the first of many examples of editorial cannibalism.

Made Up Word #1

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My oh my! its time to take my little experiment to the far reaches of comical childishness.

My life is currently going down the tubes; with an ever looming court date for DWI on early december and additional conditions for free living at my parent’s home; my blog shall now reflect this.

Not surprisingly I have little love for soul searching at this point. writing is painful; in addition to having to sift through painful memories to do so, I am sorely out of practice. In fact, to be completely truthful, I would had much rather have had the past 4 minutes of my time occupied by sulking in a corner than have wracked my brain in what was an epic struggle to remember the password to my WordPress account.

I mentioned “comical” because despite how gushy Im going to go on you guys, This blog wouldn’t be called  “a smart assed burman” without, well, me being a smart ass.

Expect typos, run-on sentences and even the occasional high school esque cliché; as the only literary creations I have had under my belt since my last entry took the form of text messages.

To complete the theme of “comical childishness”, I’ll focus on the later part of the phrase; and what more can one do to announce his presence as a child than to make up words. which brings me to our first “make up word”:

bluperassdum (noun)- (derived from combining the phrases “blue-period” and “dumb-ass”)
a span of time applied to a specific entity, usually an individual, group, or nation, in which a near constant state of misery is prevalent in every aspect of life; this is always a result of said entity’s stupidity or laziness
a time period of stupidity or laziness-induced suffering in which the suffering person must be self aware of any or all actions or thoughts that created said suffering

character concept (for a game Luke and I are crafting)

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head models

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