Unofficial Guide To Zsnes VPN

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For the uninitiated, or inane, ZSNES is a supernintendo emulator; capable of playing supernintendo roms (games) on your favorite window’s operating system.

At present time it is widely considered to be the best supernintendo emulator available.

I will show you how to use zsnes to play multiplayer snes roms over the internet so that you and a distant buddy can enjoy endless hours of 2 player goodness.

1. Download ZSNES version 1.42

The software version must be 1.42 or older, any future or subsequent version will result in an epic failure on your part!

this is the link to the web-page of ZSNES’s authors.

2. Download Super Nintendo (SNES) Roms.

I use

3. Go to this site and download hamachi free version:

A Foreword:
Hamachi is a software VPN that simulate’s LAN over the internet in a live online environment.
It has many applications to include remote pc, conference, filesharing, and gaming.
However, for the purposes of this guide we will be focusing on preparing
hamachi , and all other associated software used with it, for “gaming”…
More specifically, our goal is to utilize Hamachi to  facilitate an online play experience with “ZSNES”; an ever popular means of super nintendo emulation on PC’s everywhere!

If you pay attention to this guide and my provided Skype  counsel(miliefisathand) then you should not have any problems enjoying our first match of mario kart together.

However, if for some reason, the whole VPN process confuses you; a handy dandy PDF file is available for download on “hamachi’s” support page.

Note: Hamachi is compatable with any game out there that is capable of LAN play.
speed, however, is entirely dependent on the internet latency of any user involved.

4. Follow this youtube URL link and watch the goddanm video!

The video is pretty self explanitory; either you know how to use youtube and/or comprehend simple english or you do not.


If you have failed any of the above two steps it is pertinent that you send your PC/notebook to 31942 Oak Ridge Pkwy,Bulverde, TX for…um…. repairs.
That way I can get your machine up to shape at no cost to you and we can all have an opportunity to relish an old-school-8-bit gaming experience online. (even nooblets!)
Feel free to post this wherever on the internet(forums, attached to torrents, blogs, whatever..)


Synthetic Cannabinoids

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The article found on the link below explains the perils and endless possibilities of synthetic cannabinoids.

Hamilton’s Pharmacopia: Spice

It is a good article. Even its author, Hamilton, is near the top of my list of favorite bloggers. However, you should know me better than to assume I would post a blog without providing a few sentences of my own. (miliefisathand)

Weed is excellent.
It’s consumption facilitates eating, sleeping, and dreaming oh so dreamy dreams. I love it, but as often as Ive accidentally lit my hair on fire smoking a bowl, cannabis is not everyone’s cup of tea. As its more bizarre affects rage from anxiety to obesity. Ouch!

For these cannabinoid intolerant folk, nothing beats a constipated itch festival. Which explains the popularity of opiates among recreational drug users. In the days of old, opium was the drug of choice for junkies everywhere; but would be soon replaced by more refined and synthetic choices to stimulate your opioid palette. (such as Oxycontin)

But what about weed?
Its only a matter of time before newer and more powerful alternatives will replace our favorite “harmless drug”.

However, there are some who would scoff at the dangers of such concoctions. Skeptics might ask; what if a more powerful synthetic marijuana created very real withdrawal symptoms? What if chemists made a manufactured cannabinoid that was so powerful that it would not only get you high longer than your garden variety dank; but would keep you stoned for days, weeks or even months?

Oh yeah! I for one am excited! In the near future, “getting stoned” will never be the same.

Dear Marijuana…

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A white-guy version of me at any given momment before the date of November, 2009

Dear marijuana,

You make me feel tired, horny and intellectually stimulated

In other words, you are like an over priced hooker made to be more expensive by our inflated economy.
So, much like any “working girl” (of any price range), the less I pay for your services the shittier of a fuck you become.

Another trait that you share with street prostitutes is that there are times when you may be adulterated with 3 letter acronyms. While not as harmful as the 3 letter  term “AIDS”, these adulterations can be just as frightening; such as PCP.

I love you….
But I love being thin as a rail more. When you are around my overpriced skinny jeans don’t fit me anymore. Because of you I ruined thanksgiving  by eating the entire turkey. I think you owe my mother an apology.

I love you…..
But, I love money more. Nowadays any job that is marginally above minimum wage makes me pee in a cup! Imagine that, there are companies out there that frown upon our relationship.
I think they are racist and disapprove of you because you are mexican(most of the time).

Goodbye chica! You were the best….

-Joe (aka: miliefisathand)


Rural Internet Sucks!

•January 18, 2010 • 13 Comments

If reasonably priced homes, and lush flora are your cup of tea;
Chances are you plan to, or already live out in the hill-country. Either way, you should be aware that there are certain comforts that need to be relinquished in exchange for the acres of dirt cheap property and privacy that rural towns are best known for.

Scream all you want but there is no hope for GVTC

Several of life’s pleasures that you will part with, in order to live rurally, would make most individuals cringe. Some of these gems include a public transit system, a reasonable traveling distance to and from grocery stores, and a decent internet service. Of the aforementioned comforts, none are as agonizing to live without as a serviceable broadband connection.
Rural internet most resembles cancer in that it spreads all over our country. Similarly, The powers that be probably have a cure for it but are unwilling to share it with the rest of us and worst of all: It costs way too much money to get rid of, so most people do the next best thing; Wait until it eventually kills us!
Of the rural ISPs that are available, my personal experience centers around GVTC.
GVTC(Guadalupe Valley Telephone Company) is a blight on the otherwise satisfying landscape of modern telecommunications. If you ever hear a farmer screaming obscenities across your neighborhood; It is not because his crops are dying or his tractor broke down, but rather, he is forced to contend with the evil that is GVTC DSL.
The internet is very important to me, perhaps even exceeding my desires for world peace or romantic love. As such, a stable source of internet sits at the top of my hierarchy of needs.
Unfortunately, stability is not a feature that GVTC brings to the table. What it does succeed in delivering, however, is an abundant supply of heartache.
When it works, its great! Obviously its speed will never rival the likes of giants such as yahoo SBC or Comcast. But, it gets the job done most of the time. Its randomness, however, is what compells me to complain about the company and its services.

But, for all its associated flaws, I will remain a loyal customer to GVTC. If you were to ask: Why would anyone want to pay for a product that only works some of the time? For instance, would you purchase a car if you knew it would stall every 3rd trip you took to HEB?

The answer is a sad and despondent one: The people of this town subscribe to GVTC because they provide the only broadband service available out here. GVTC is a monopoly, and until that problem is fixed, you too will suffer under its weight. That is the inevitable fate of all who yearn for a beautiful home in the country side.

Just remember, you are not alone. Because for every time you pull your hair out in frustration at server outages, my scalp will bleed as well. Fortunately, there is still hope. If you care at all about the prospects of good rural internet; contact your mayor, your city counsel, or hand out a letter to your neighbors.
Inform, educate and speak out!
Only your voice can bring better broadband back to rural America!