Made Up Word #1

My oh my! its time to take my little experiment to the far reaches of comical childishness.

My life is currently going down the tubes; with an ever looming court date for DWI on early december and additional conditions for free living at my parent’s home; my blog shall now reflect this.

Not surprisingly I have little love for soul searching at this point. writing is painful; in addition to having to sift through painful memories to do so, I am sorely out of practice. In fact, to be completely truthful, I would had much rather have had the past 4 minutes of my time occupied by sulking in a corner than have wracked my brain in what was an epic struggle to remember the password to my WordPress account.

I mentioned “comical” because despite how gushy Im going to go on you guys, This blog wouldn’t be called  “a smart assed burman” without, well, me being a smart ass.

Expect typos, run-on sentences and even the occasional high school esque cliché; as the only literary creations I have had under my belt since my last entry took the form of text messages.

To complete the theme of “comical childishness”, I’ll focus on the later part of the phrase; and what more can one do to announce his presence as a child than to make up words. which brings me to our first “make up word”:

bluperassdum (noun)- (derived from combining the phrases “blue-period” and “dumb-ass”)
a span of time applied to a specific entity, usually an individual, group, or nation, in which a near constant state of misery is prevalent in every aspect of life; this is always a result of said entity’s stupidity or laziness
a time period of stupidity or laziness-induced suffering in which the suffering person must be self aware of any or all actions or thoughts that created said suffering


~ by miliefisathand on November 2, 2010.

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