Rural Internet Sucks!

If reasonably priced homes, and lush flora are your cup of tea;
Chances are you plan to, or already live out in the hill-country. Either way, you should be aware that there are certain comforts that need to be relinquished in exchange for the acres of dirt cheap property and privacy that rural towns are best known for.

Scream all you want but there is no hope for GVTC

Several of life’s pleasures that you will part with, in order to live rurally, would make most individuals cringe. Some of these gems include a public transit system, a reasonable traveling distance to and from grocery stores, and a decent internet service. Of the aforementioned comforts, none are as agonizing to live without as a serviceable broadband connection.
Rural internet most resembles cancer in that it spreads all over our country. Similarly, The powers that be probably have a cure for it but are unwilling to share it with the rest of us and worst of all: It costs way too much money to get rid of, so most people do the next best thing; Wait until it eventually kills us!
Of the rural ISPs that are available, my personal experience centers around GVTC.
GVTC(Guadalupe Valley Telephone Company) is a blight on the otherwise satisfying landscape of modern telecommunications. If you ever hear a farmer screaming obscenities across your neighborhood; It is not because his crops are dying or his tractor broke down, but rather, he is forced to contend with the evil that is GVTC DSL.
The internet is very important to me, perhaps even exceeding my desires for world peace or romantic love. As such, a stable source of internet sits at the top of my hierarchy of needs.
Unfortunately, stability is not a feature that GVTC brings to the table. What it does succeed in delivering, however, is an abundant supply of heartache.
When it works, its great! Obviously its speed will never rival the likes of giants such as yahoo SBC or Comcast. But, it gets the job done most of the time. Its randomness, however, is what compells me to complain about the company and its services.

But, for all its associated flaws, I will remain a loyal customer to GVTC. If you were to ask: Why would anyone want to pay for a product that only works some of the time? For instance, would you purchase a car if you knew it would stall every 3rd trip you took to HEB?

The answer is a sad and despondent one: The people of this town subscribe to GVTC because they provide the only broadband service available out here. GVTC is a monopoly, and until that problem is fixed, you too will suffer under its weight. That is the inevitable fate of all who yearn for a beautiful home in the country side.

Just remember, you are not alone. Because for every time you pull your hair out in frustration at server outages, my scalp will bleed as well. Fortunately, there is still hope. If you care at all about the prospects of good rural internet; contact your mayor, your city counsel, or hand out a letter to your neighbors.
Inform, educate and speak out!
Only your voice can bring better broadband back to rural America!


~ by miliefisathand on January 18, 2010.

13 Responses to “Rural Internet Sucks!”

  1. Does Time Warner have a internet service expanding into the Hill Country? I know they’ve expanded their cable service to the hill country but I’m not sure about internet service. I too am a slave to gvtc…for the time being. But after tonight I will be looking around. Tried to check my broadband speed and of course it was at 20% of what I’m paying gvtc for.

    • well my friend, while I do not want to participate in seeding false hope, I need to tell you that, so far, GVTC’s fiber to the home package is working nicely. My family recently signed up about a week ago, and not one complaint has reached me concerning a broken internet experience. I’m too jaded to celebrate this soon, but this week’s fiber provided good fortune could be a sign of an end to our dark age in the hill country. I will reply in a month to review their services but until then; It doesn’t hurt to try steven….

    • Works like a charm!!!
      sign up if you can!

  2. GVTC is a monopoly that apparently is chartered in such a way that they FORCE you to pay for a home phone if you want broadband service (internet). I think they are wrong for a few reasons. Fiber to the home. GVTC customer service says it is DSL. The technicians say no it is not DSL it is fiber. So now I have a phone that I do not use and have to pay federal excise tax, fees and the GVTC monthly charge for a needless piece of equipment. I contacted my local and State reps, Texas communications. They all tell you to speak to the other entity. We should start our own community based ISP and just pay wholesale for the GVTC lines. Unfortunately there are initial start-up costs and the usual number of nay Sayers so I’ll just suck it up and fester.

  3. Dear sir, GVTC is not a monopoly, it is simply a co-op, who not only profit shares but gives a once a year town hall meeting that you can go to in order to express your opinions, if that is a huge concern, I would do so. Not to mention, we are glad that they are here because no one else took any time to provide any kind of service until recently (and only because of the population increase), otherwise they would NEVER waste their time, and we would have NEVER had ANY service.

  4. gvtc is fucking horrible, yes maybe their fiber network actually works but not everyone lives in fair oaks, etc. Their copper network is a fucking joke stay AWAY from it if you can.

  5. If you think GVTC is bad, try Wildblue Satellite! Unfortunately in our neighborhood (Suburban Boerne) no one else offers “highspeed” internet access.

  6. GVTC has been the worst nightmare for me ever. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service which I have never received. I have had their bundle package for 7 months now and I have never been able to catch up with what they charge since I signed up. They bill you for the first month and for a month in advance with additional one time charges. My first bill for telephone,cable and internet was 463.20. I could not believe what I was seeing. At no time was I ever told about any one time charges. So they agreed to allow me time to pay but in the mean time I had several interruptions in my service. Service men where sent out on 3 or 4 occasions to add a larger cable for the WiFi that wasn’t connecting for the first week and a half. Once that was so called repaired I was still having connection problems and they came out to change the WiFi boxes. Then my upstairs cable box was not working. So once again they came out to exchange that. Then shortly after that my cable connection in my bedroon was freezing up and I could not watch television so they came out again and exchanged the cable box.. Now mind you every time I called it took three or four days before someone could get out to fix these problems. I told them that I wanted credit for these days that I was out of service, to which they kindly agreed but for some reason they could only find two of the 4 or 5 service calls. I also just realized today that I have not even been receiving the HD service that I have been paying for. So I called to cancel the cable service today. The sweet lady on the phone was OH SO SORRY about this but informed me that if I was to cancel service now that I would have to pay an additional 295.00 early cancellation fee. She also informed me that if I was having problems that I should have called to let them know and they would have fixed anything right away. To which I told her that if she would look on my records she would see that I had several service calls and the problems I had had still not been fixed to my satisfaction.To which she told me there was NO RECORD OF ANY SERVICE CALL EVER! WHAT???? Needless to say I am done!
    Friday I pack up my boxes and will gladly hand them over to GVTC and be done with it. The really sad part of this all is I need to continue my internet service with them because they are the only provider in my area. Go figure! Good luck to anyone who deals with this company. Make sure you have everything in writing with copies of any service records you may have.

  7. To Kirk: I’ve had your problems with GVTC x2. But you can now port your GVTC telephone numbers to AT&T. Godammit that makes me happy!!!!!! Hopefully DSL and cable will follow shortly. Goodbye GVTC!!!!!!

  8. you should be ashamed to say that internet is held above world peace. go outside or read a damn book. and if you want more service providers, then don’t blame the only provider in town that is offering service. petition a new provider with the city. don’t blame the telco that is trying to give you access to the outside world. Oh, and there is life beyond Texas, you fucking hicks.

  9. I’ve been using gvtc for 24 years and have never had any problems till you slap dicks came in and tried to change everything

  10. I am in Verizon territory just outside of the GVTC service area. Verizon does not offer ANY DSL or cable, you can only get T1 which is $450 a month for a 1.5 Mbps connection. (you can get it for $350/mo through ACC Business. Same service but they negotiate the rate) So think about that before complaining about your $50/mo for 1.5M DSL.

    I’m planning to move down the street. 1.5M DSL is $35 from GVTC so 1/10th of what I’m paying Verizon. So I wonder if I should move to the DSL or if it’s really that bad, try to get T1 with GVTC..

  11. Fascinating variety of GVTC experiences and comments. Here’s another.

    Three and a half years ago I moved to a pleasant creekside home off Crane’s Mill Rd south of Canyon Lake. Signed up for basic TV channels and 5m from GVTC (DSL I assume since everyone I have talked to who has GVTC fiber in San Antonio, has no problems). For three years I had no problems!

    Last fall the fatal NO INTERNET CONNECTION icon started to appear in the taskbar on occasion. Rebooting the modem often caused it to disappear. As time went on, the percentage of time offline with no ability to reconnect has slowly increased until, at this point, I am lucky to find a connection for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. I am not a heavy user and could probably live with a few hours a week IF I knew it was going t be available and exactly when.

    The sad thing is, availablitly has become totally random and, sadly, GVTC does not respond to emailed complaints.

    At this point I am paying 70 odd bucks a month for basic TV and extremely limited internet while they continue to pat themselves on the back at how sensitive they are to the needs of the rural hill country. I guess I should feel lucky for whatever crumbs they throw my way. All of the alternatives, such as Excede Satellite Internet, would end up costing me much more as I would have to switch to satellite TV as well.

    Just my two cents.

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